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Transform Heathy Drinking Water, a new generation mineral water, a new era of healthy world


Mr. Goh Keow Hoon (Mr. KH Goh) was a junior mandarin officer and studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in China. At the age of 16, he and his family migrated to Singapore where he continued his practice as a Chinese Physician. His service was very much sought after and he became renowned for treating Tuberculosis (TB).

Mr. KH Goh always understands that herbs are much more than just medicines. Herbs contain unprecedented amounts of hardest to get minerals and vitamins which are completely absorbable by our body system. Apart from growing organically, herbs are also found to be less expensive compare with other conventional method to prevent and to cure illness. Mr. KH Goh’s in depth knowledge of herbs and TCM enhanced his capability to innovate many types of prevention and curing recipes for some seems to be deadly disease or long term illness such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc.

Mr. Goh Huck Keow (Mr. HK Goh) was the third son of Mr. KH Goh. He was sent to China to study TCM. Upon his returned from China, Mr. HK Goh studied in Singapore and later entered Raffles College to study Science. He graduated as an industrial chemist. Due to his keen interest in TCM, he also practices as a Chinese Physician besides producing industrial chemicals for food and rubber industries. In 1943, Mr, HK Goh migrated to Penang, Malaya. He continued his practice as a Chinese Physician in Penang, under the name Wu Huse Chio’s medical office, producing medicine for various illnesses. One of his most significant prescriptions was GASTERINA- a cure for gastritis under the registered trade mark “SACRED HEART”. He was assisted by his wife Madam Cheah Tian Kheng (Madam TK Chea) who carried on his practice till 2003.

Mr. Goh Ooi Loon (Mr. OL Goh), is the third son of Mr. HK Goh. At a young age, he showed a keen interest in physics, TCM and herbs. He helped his parents with the grinding and packing of the medicines. At the age of 27, Mr. OL Goh was given a certificate of approval to practice TCM and herbs by the United Chinese Association for Traditional Chinese Medicines and Drugs, Penang. Assisted by a trusted family friend, Mr. OL Goh continues to develop formulae and unique recipes for ailments and health drinks.

Transform healthy drinking water is one of the unique recipe innovated by Mr. OL Goh. It is the results of more than 40 years hard work and commitment in finding the best recipe to help people to prevent illness using herbs. Mr. OL Goh strong belief in the nutrition from the herbs especially the bio-available minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Chromate, Selenium, Iodine and so on which will help to achieve proper minerals balance in our body system. The beauty of the unique recipe of Transform healthy drinking water is to process the herbs such as ginger, turmeric, fenugreek, clove and seaweed and dissolving in the water which is recognised as the ideal medium for transporting nutrients in the cells and allowing cellular metabolism to take place. Everything begins and ends at cellular level.

The combined effort of Mr. OL Goh and a group of friends for the past few years achieving new breakthrough to allow the unique recipe of Transform healthy drinking water to be successful in producing in bigger scale in a factory set up in Hong Kong. Due to the consistent and stable quality of Transform healthy drinking water, it can be distributed to anywhere in the world and will not be affected by hot sun, long lead time and other conditions. Mr. OL Goh determines to work on other formulae and recipes to be able to manufacture in a bigger scale and the outcomes will definitely helping the world and people to have alternative and options (based on TCM and herbs) other than the current conventional medicines.

Transform healthy drinking water is one such product. It is the result of three generations of know-how of TCM and herbs.

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