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  • February, 2020


    溫馨提示😊 因為武漢疫症問題嚴重,為咗大眾安全,我哋Smile微笑動力步行籌款原定2月23號,現落實改期3月29號星期日出發,不便之處敬請原諒。

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  • 全城抗疫新產品 !! PYRAMID®寶衛美除菌消毒噴液



    產品特性 FEATURES

    消毒殺菌 – 殺滅常見細菌、破壞病毒外蛋白結構、能滲入細菌及霉菌孢子內,抑制生長及殺菌率達99.9%
    性質溫和 – pH 值在 5.5 – 6.5,絕無酒精及防腐劑
    去除異味 – 有效去除汗味,臭味,煙味,尿味及排泄物氣味等
    分解致敏原 – 有效分解破壞霉菌產生的蛋白過敏原及塵蟎排泄物引起的致敏原
    安全無害 – 次氯酸 (HOCI) 殺菌後分解成水,沒有二次污染

    次氯酸 (HOCI) 已通過急性毒性測試及細胞毒性測試,血液溶解度測試,致突變性測試(對懷孕婦女安全),皮膚刺激測試。口腔、眼、食道和胃的粘膜刺激測試(於日本食品中心分析所有測試為陰性)
    As a nature’s germ killer, Hypochlorous acid (HOCI) kills most of bacteria, virus, and no matter of fungal and bacterial spores; eliminate bad smell & odor, reduce allergen; be safe for skin; safety and environmental friendly sanitizer here.
    Acute toxicology test. Cell toxicology test. Blood solubility test. Mutagenicity test (safe during pregnancy). Skin irritation test. Mucous membrane irritation test for mouth, eye, esophagus and stomach found to be negative by the Japan Centre for Foodstuff analysis.


    使用方法 How to use

    Spray to your  hand and air or any substrate surfaces as normal sanitation (No diluted with water), repeat again if  necessary.



    • 只供外用
    • 使用時如有不適,請暫停使用並咨詢醫生意見
    • 請將產品放在兒童不能觸及的地方
    • 不可與化學物質、酸性及鹼性溶液混合
    • 使用後,請封好外包裝袋,存放於陰涼處,避免陽光或燈直接照射
    • For external use only
    • Stop using and consult doctor if irritation persists
    • Keep out of reach of children
    • Do not mix it with chemicals, acidic or Alkaline solutions
    • After use, please seal the bag, store at cool place and away from sunlight


  • May, 2018

    Line Friends drinking water

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  • 大嶼山

    October, 2016

    Smile Charity Walk – Lantau Island

    We are proud to be invited to sponsor “Smile Charity Walk – Lantau Island” by Smile foundation Ltd.

    Please stay hydrated while hiking. Looks forward to meet you there.

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    靈實築動生命慈善跑2016 by Haven of Hope

    We are proud to be invited to sponsor “靈實築動生命慈善跑2016” by Haven of Hope.

    The donation will be used as an extension of the site and improve medical support. Please sign up now and let’s Run for the Elderly!

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