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  • Carly— Age 9 Student

    Transform has changed my life and made me more healthy. Below are a few scenarios that I find Transform makes a difference.

    Transform has helped me a lot when I was having fever, I keep drinking Transform I felt better and recover very soon. Transform helped me to recover and it keeps me hydrated almost for 3-4 hours of sports like golf and swimming.

    I bring Transform to school and everywhere I go. Whenever I get thirsty at school, I took a big sip and it just keeps me hydrated for the rest of the day I don’t drink any more of normal water ever since I started drinking Transform.

    Transform helped me sleep better have more energy every day, I can concentrate better at school!

  • Ms. Elsa Lau — Age 50 Clerk

    I am a very health conscious person and always focus on health and beauty products, regular visits to the Beauty Shop etc.

    After drinking Transform healthy drinking water, my beautician asked me whether I used other skin care products as my skin improved a lot, dark spots on my face faded and brighter and whiter.

    I believed Transform healthy drinking water is both healthy and beauty products.

  • Ms. Kung— Age 54 Accountant

    I remembered the first few days of consuming Transform drinking water made me visiting toilet more often than in the past. After a few months, my previous skin problems were reduced and the dark spots on my face also decreasing.

    I felt more energetic and would not feel tired easily. More importantly, my regular stomach acid issues also improve a lot.

  • Joann Hardwick— Teaching Professional

    I started using Transform after hearing about it from a friend who knew that I was recovering from hospitalization and radiation therapy. Thinking about how radiation would have an effect of my body I wanted to do a detox right away and start on the road to recovery.

    The things I changed to date:

    170lbs in weight down to 150 lbs. in under a year (Started May 2014 until present)Clearer skin / Better sleep / Energy increase / Stamina improvement / No aches and pains anymore / Stomach issues subsided / Less muscle cramps

    Using Transform with my new way of eating has helped with my overall well being and I now know when I am feeling toxic as the Transform water tastes different which is a great indicator that it’s truly alkaline which is what my body should be.

    I realize how important water is and have been searching for a good source of water and I am happy to have found this very good water Transform. Thank you for everything and making me healthy again.

  • Mr. Cheung— Age 69   Executive

    I was suffering from gout problems since I was 38 years old. My health worsening when I was then having hyper tension. I need to manage my healthy issues with continuous consultation and medication for decades. The join pain and the side effects of the medications affect my life a lots.

    After drinking Transform healthy drinking water for a few months, my joint pain gone and my blood pressure significantly improved. I was advised by my doctor that I could reduce the medication as my blood pressure became normal. In addition, I am more healthy person now with less sickness and more energy. I believed Transform healthy drinking water is really work and preserve and strengthen my body constitution.

  • Ms. Phoebe Leung — Age 24 Stewardess

    I was always feeling tired and thirsty prior drinking Transform healthy drinking water. After consumed Transform, I felt good and not easy to be tired. No more thirsty issue.

    Drinking Transform healthy drinking water will allow me to recover from tiredness in short period of time.

  • Ms. Kitty Chan — Age 45 Clerk

    After drinking Tranform healthy drinking water for a few months, I could feel my skin more smooth and brighten.

    I like the smooth taste and the major different from other water is I do not feel heavy in the stomach after drinking Transform healthy drinking water.

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